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Eagle's Green Cleaning Program
Louisville Energy Alliance
Kimberly Clark: Go Green!
US Green Building Councel, Kentucky Chapter
Winner of the Kilowatt Crackdown Award
Most Efficient Warehouse:
Eagle Paper Inc.

You Know us for our Green Cleaning Products, but did you know that we are also recognized as the most energy efficient warehouse  in Louisville?

Our commitment to sustainability is a work in progress.  Here are some things we have accomplished so far:
  • Reflective white insulated foam roof, huge energy savings, increased comfort and noise reduction
  • Replaced ancient T-12 lighting with new reflective fixtures and lamps increasing visibility and lowering energy consumption.  Also, added sectional light switches all over the warehouse so the staff only uses light when needed.  Huge energy reduction, and savings.
  • Changed exterior lighting from sensors to timers.  Now the lights will not turn on at dusk or on cloudy days
  • Installed Thermostacally controlled dampers on our HVAC.  Now, each room can control their own comfort level.  No need for space heaters in one room and fans in the next.  The HVAC only uses energy when and where it is needed.
  • Programmable thermostats in all offices adjust consumption of energy for night use and daytime use.
  • Computer workstations have been fitted with peripheral only power strips.  This reduces vampiric power consumption, and makes it easy to power up and power down throughout the day.