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Air Freshener Disp/Refills


Fresh Remind Air Curve Air Freshener - Mango Clear

Freshens the air for 30 days. Contains 35% more fragrance than the leading air freshener. Reminds you when to change it. No more guessing, just pull off the week and month tabs to show when it needs to be replaced. Consistent odor control by using the Remind Air date tabs, you'll know when to replace it; ensuring a consistently fresher smelling area. Fits just about anywhere. Each Curve comes with a suction cup that allows for maximum versatility and helps you hide it away if needed.

Rubbermaid® Microburst® 9000 LCD Dispenser - White

Shows days remaining before refills need to be changed. Refills last up to 180 days. Sleek, compact high-performance aerosol system. Battery gauge shows battery life. 2 "D" cell batteries last up to 36 months.

Alternate #1793535

TC® Economy Gel Dispenser

Operates on 1 D-cell battery (not included). Alkaline battery recommended. Counter-top or wall mounted. Load'n go! Simple maintenance-free dispenser. Lasts 30 days between refill changes.

Alternate #401220

TC® Refills for Gel Odor System

Gels contain Microtrans® Odor Neutralizer to lock onto malodor molecules transforming them into a neutral base that eliminates unavoidable odors in the washroom. The unique gel formula provides a pleasant fragrance while controlling odors for a full 30 days. Biodegradable and the plastic refill cups are now recyclable, making an environmentally friendly system.

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