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Food Service Disinfectant / Sanitizers


Betco® Fastdraw® Sanibet™ 256 Empty Spray Bottle

Trigger spray bottle. Silk screened.

Alternate #34432

NCL® Saniquat™ Disinfectant Sanitizer Deodorizer - Gal.

Cold disinfectant and sanitizer that does not require potable water rinse on glassware, cooking utensils, food equipment, etc. For use in restaurants, bars, food processing plants, dairies and hospitals.

Betco® Sanibet™ 256 Sanitizer- 2 L, Fastdraw®

This concentrated quaternary type sanitizer is effective for use in a variety of operations. Perfect for sanitizing glassware, dishes & food contact surfaces. No rinse required when used as directed as a sanitizer.

Alternate #34447