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Ice Melter


Ossian Eco Melt® Deicer - 50 lb. Bag

Formulated with two high performance accelerators, Activar® and Propel®. Activar® converts Eco Melt® to a melting brine faster, increasing both melt value and melting speed. Propel® works in conjunction with Activar® to extend melt value and storage life of the product. SHRP tests show that Eco Melt® exceeds the melt value of a 15% calcium chloride blend. Optimized for easy spreader application, drastically reducing dust and oversized particles. Blue coverage indicator reduces common over application errors.

Ossian Triple Melt® Ice Melters

Melting Speed: Activar® speeds the conversion of dry ice melting salts to a liquid brine, this process results in faster melting action and a safer surface in less time. When you need to get to a safe surface fast, Triple Melt® with Activar® can get you there & save you money along the way. Sub-zero melting,15% calcium/magnesium chloride agglomerate. Safer for concrete and vegetation. Anti-caking agent.

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Ossian Wintergreen® Pellet Ice Melter - 40# Bag

Designed specifically to combat the problem of grass and vegetation damage. For sub zero conditions.

Alternate #IM7040WG