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Tile / Mildew / Stains


EnvirOx® Blue Empty Spray Bottle For Tile & Grout

Light Duty. With spray head (color coded & safety labeled).

Alternate #8-554-GSL

EnvirOx® Orange Empty Spray Bottle For Tile & Grout

Heavy Duty. With spray head (color coded & safety labeled).

Alternate #8-554-GSH

NCL® Trigger™ Instant Mildew Stain Remover - Qt.

Immediately removes mildew stains from porcelain tile and other hard surfaces. No rinsing required, mildew stain vanishes when the surface has dried. Exclusive Mystic fragrance. Quarts are packed with one trigger sprayer per case.

Alternate #1745Q

Betco® BTB Instant Mildew Remover & Cleaner - Qt.

Works as a mildew stain remover to quickly clean and whiten even the most difficult stains. Instantly removes tough mildew stains.

Alternate #32112

Betco® Sure Bet™ Foaming Shower/Restroom Cleaner -Gal

This bathroom cleaner has been specially formulated to remove stubborn soap scum and hard water deposits. The combination of mild acids and surfactants quickly penetrate into tile and grout surfaces. Foaming action for extended contact time for better cleaning. Free rinsing surfactants, no residue left behind. Quickly removes soap scum, hard water deposits and other shower residues.

Tilex® Instant Mildew Remover - 32 fl. oz. Spray Bottle

Eliminates tough mold and mildew stains fast. Cleans tile, grout, toilets and fiberglass. Disinfects and kills germs with Clorox® bleach.

EnvirOx® Green Certified H2O2 Orange Tile&Grout Renovator

From the pioneers in hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology comes Green Certified H2O2 Orange Cleaner! 95% of general cleaning needs. Use on any water-safe surface. Cuts grease with neutral pH. EcoLogo™ certified.

Alternate #130-04B