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Loop Mop Heads


O'Dell 400 Series Premium 4 Ply Blend Looped-End Mops

Open end spun cotton/rayon/synthetic yarn for strength and durability. 5" headband. Launderable.

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O'Dell 700 Series Hygrade Rayon Finish Mop - Medium

Hygrade 4 ply rayon with blue stripe to designate finish mophead. Rayon absorbs moisture well and is ideal as a finish mop. Less lint, longer lasting, and faster drying. Excellent for waxing. 1 1/4" headband.

O'Dell echo mop™ 1200 Looped End Mop

Produced using high quality P.E.T. fibers from recycled bottles. Absorbs over 4.4 times its weight in water. Releases almost 30% upon wringing. Dries fast. Much longer lasting and lower linting than competitive yarns. Composed of 30% post consumer waste and 67% post industrial waste. Free from post recycling dyes. Made of Earthspun® yarn for eco-friendly cleaning. Wide band.

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Rubbermaid® Swinger Loop® Shrinkless Wet Mops

Pre-laundered and pre-shrunk for increased mop performance after laundering. 4-ply, balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarn for absorbency and strength. Loop-end, tailbanded mop for greater floor coverage.

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