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Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


NCL® All-In-One™ RTU Carpet Cleaner/Spot Remover - Qt.

A professional strength, water-based ready-to-use encapsulating carpet cleaner and spot remover. For a wide range of oils and water based stains. Soil and residue vacuum out easily. Formulated for wide-area carpet cleaning tasks. Also works great as a spot remover. 12 per case.

Alternate #0694Q

NCL® Bio-Kleen Plus™ Protein Spot & Stain Remover-32 oz

Exceptional ready-to-use carpet spot cleaner and pre-spray designed for safely maintaining all stain resistant carpets and other types of carpeting.

Alternate #0681Q

NCL® Command™ Oil, Tar, Grease Carpet Spot Remover -Qt.

Superior spot remover for tough stains caused by oil, tar, grease and other petroleum-based sources. Rapidly penetrates and completely removes stains. Use before or after carpet extraction. Not for use on stain resistant carpets. 12 per case.

Alternate #0622Q

NCL® Tannin Out™ Coffee/Tea/Browning Spot Remover - Qt.

Exceptional ready-to-use spot cleaner designed specifically for removal of tannin based stains such as coffee, tea and browning. Organic acid pH neutralizes alkalinity, stabilizes dyes, and inhibits browning. Does not contain anti-static agents, defoamers, optical brighteners or carpet protectants. Safe for stain resistant carpeting. Contains malodor counteractant and Giane™ fragrance enhanced. Truly modifies unpleasant odors and leaves behind a fresh cosmetic scent. Dual use product. Can be used as a carpet spotter as well as a debrowning agent. Utilizes soil releasing agents. Releases soils onto brush or cloth.

EnvirOx® Carpet Spot & Stain Remover - Qt.

Revolutionary non-resoiling encapsulating technology in ready-to-use formula! Removes stains and browning, deodorizes, restores color brightness. Dramatically reduces re-soiling. Hydrogen peroxide powered, ready-to-use carpet spotter. 12 per case.

Alternate #135-12Q