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Floor Sweeps/Push Brooms


Carlisle Black Tampico Floor Sweep - 18"

Hardwood blocks. Tampico fibers resist chemicals. Handles sold separately.

Carlisle Crimped Polypropylene Sweep - 24"

Hardwood blocks. Street sweeps are durable, tough, long-wearing; perfect for street crews, construction, and other demanding work sites. Handles sold separately.

Carlisle Flo-Pac® Heavy Polypropylene Sweep - 18", Maroon

Wet or dry sweeping of rough surfaces. Not affected by water or petroleum products. All handles are sold separately. Available with hardwood and plastic blocks. 3 1/4" trim.

Flo-Pac® Polypropylene Fine/Med. Floor Sweeps

Flagged border controls dust; heavy plastic center loosens dirt. Orange color adds safety in the workplace and high traffic areas. All handles are sold separately. Good for all around use on smooth and medium surfaces. Flagged Bristles w/hardwood block. 3" trim; Orange.

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