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Plastic Clear Cups


Dixie PETE Plastic Cup - 9 oz.

Premium clarity, strength and durability. Superior printing and embossing capabilities. Shatter proof. Ideal for fruit juices and pop to gourmet coffee and iced beverages. Lids available. Clear.

Dixie® WiseSize PETE Clear Plastic Cups

Provides a packaging solution for efficiencies in your business. Smaller case sizes and a sleek, uniform poly design have been developed for an assortment of popular products. These smaller case sizes will result in a minimum of split cases and the individual UPC coded poly will make it easier to pull product for delivery.

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Fabri-Kal® Greenware® Cold Drink Cups

Sturdy, crystal-clear cold drink cups made entirely from plants, not petroleum. Made from Ingeo™ biopolymer, a PLA resin derived from plants. Durable material; no flavor or odor transfer. Smooth rolled rims provide a safe, comfortable surface. Made in the U.S.A.

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WNA Reserv™ Stemless Collection

A creative presentation. Sophisticated stemless. Lasting impressions. Shatterproof drinkware is ideal where glass is prohibited or undesirable. Excellent clarity. Cases are packaged in tiers of removable trays which can be used for easy serving or a stackable display.

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Solo® Ultra Clear™ Clear PET Cups

Ultra Clear™ premium plastic PET cups will enhance your visibility with their crystal clarity and print capability. One lid size fits 16, 20, and 24 oz. cup sizes to simplify your operation and reduce storage costs.

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WNA Milän™ Square-to-Round Tumbler

Unique design offers the trendy and sleek shape of a square tumbler, with a round upper rim for easy drinking! Versatile design allows for use with an assortment of beverages from juices and soda to beer and wine. Ideal for upscale events, outdoor dining areas and everything in-between. Made in the USA.

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WNA Petites® Square Tasting Glass - 3.5 oz., Clear

Petites® products create a chic and stylish presentation fro a range of versatile application.

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WNA Petites® Clear Martini - 2 oz.

It is not only perfect for mini cocktails and beverages sampling, but it is also a trendy, creative way to present appetizers, side dishes and desserts. Small disposable solution for serving stations. Mix and match with other WNA products. Case Pack: 10/24.

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Solo® Ultra Clear™ PETE Cup - 12-14 oz.

Superb clarity and crack resistance for a high-end look and feel. Easily recyclable, they also feature excellent taste and odor integrity.